Priyasha Foundation

Founded by Gretchen McLaren.

Priyasha means, "dear, beloved hope" in Sanskrit and Hindhi. Our mission is to bring hope to the impoverished women and girls of India through income generation projects and social entrepreneurship.
We work with poor and orphan girls, slum women, girls that have been rescued from sex trafficking by setting up workshops and teaching them jewelry , a marketable skill so the women can provide for themselves.
If you'd like to support us, you can click on the donate button below, donate tools, or other resources. We welcome the opportunity to partner with your income generation project in the developing world. Please feel free to contact us directly at
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Oh, social media prep, you’re killin’ me. Hang on, @freakbrat it’s coming—in 45 minutes. #priyashafoundation #priyasha #womensempowerment #india #indiagirls

That one time we tried to take a selfie… :)

Me: first slum visit Amma: first time seeing a camera

We can set up a studio anywhere.  This one was set up on a porch.  We clamped two bench pins to some school desks, spread a mat on the floor, unpacked the suitcase full of tools and got to work.
This year our goal is to raise money to rent a workshop space so we can have a permanent studio to use as a training location for lots of girls.  I hope you’ll help us achieve our goal.

Rangoli: Inspiration for our new jewelry line…

LKG arriving for school.  They were like roly poly puppies tumbling off the bus.  Ridiculously cute.

Stay tuned for a blog post about education in India!

Probably the strangest Christmas I ever had… :D

Elvis Karoke, Indian Style:  Singing Elvis songs on Christmas Day at a hotel in Bangalore.

This is one of the pieces of jewelry that the girls made after one month of training, made from scrap wire scrounged and upcycled from a nearby circuit board assembly project.  I’m so proud of them.

Ganesha and Hannuman on a neighborhood temple

Neighborhood Temple