Priyasha Foundation

Founded by Gretchen McLaren.

Priyasha means, "dear, beloved hope" in Sanskrit and Hindhi. Our mission is to bring hope to the impoverished women and girls of India through income generation projects and social entrepreneurship.
We work with poor and orphan girls, slum women, girls that have been rescued from sex trafficking by setting up workshops and teaching them jewelry , a marketable skill so the women can provide for themselves.
If you'd like to support us, you can click on the donate button below, donate tools, or other resources. We welcome the opportunity to partner with your income generation project in the developing world. Please feel free to contact us directly at

Education in India!

Setting up the production line for our next studio side project—making cool prizes for our upcoming indie gogo campaign. Can’t wait! #priyasha #priyashafoundation #india #indiagirls #indiapictures #indiegogo #womensempowerment #studio #jewelry #jewelryincomegenerationprojects

What’s a studio night without a little Lakshmi? #priyasha #priyashafoundation #india #indiapictures #indiagirls #womensempowerment #jewelry #studio #lakshmi #mahalakshmi #incomegeneration #pink

Kinda excited about this: finally got the enameling area set up in the new studio. We left a 220 power kiln in India. The idea is to replicate the studio with the sane equipment so we can work on both sides of the world. We can work out techniques, designs and processes and then take a simplified version back to India to teach the girls. #priyasha #priyashafoundation #india #indiapictures #indiagirls #jewelry #enameling #jewelryincomegenerationprojects#womensempowerment

Meanwhile…back in the studio…changing things up—adding some bling to the wall sconces we up cycled. #priyasha #priyashafoundation #india #indiagirls #indiapictures #womensempowerment #pink

There was this moment early on in India where I was staying at the first convent, which was in a remote area. It was very difficult to leave to catch some mode of transportation to get to the market or just escape from the convent walls for awhile.
One day a friend of mine had her drive come pick me up and we spent the afternoon shopping for art supplies for my project and she took me to lunch. We pulled onto a red dirt road and rising up like an oasis was a French restaurant! This was a dream and a miracle to me after a month of eating very simple humble traditional Indian meals at the convent. I enjoyed that meal very very much.

This is a circuit board assembly in an income generation project. Scrap wire from a project similar to this one is what we used to train our girls and make the first sample jewelry pieces of our first jewelry line.

I stopped to snap a photo of this girl for several reasons:
1. The ice cream cone is bigger than her.
2. I love that Indian moms dress up their daughters in fancy outfits for special outings.
3. This photo shows to me an Indian girl who is beloved by her family. In this line of work, I see lots of girls dressed in neglect. This photo makes me happy



Wow! That is the best Rangoli!

(via maiden-india)

Oh, social media prep, you’re killin’ me. Hang on, @freakbrat it’s coming—in 45 minutes. #priyashafoundation #priyasha #womensempowerment #india #indiagirls